What about guardianship in Divorce

Childcare Uncontested Divorce

Questions about the guardianship and care of children often form the most contentious part of any separation, and fuel the most time spent in court. On separation from your partner, you may be wondering:

  • Can my former partner move away with our children? Can I? 
  • Who will the children live with? How often will I see our children?
  • Who will make decisions about the childrens’ schooling, religion, and health? 
  • Can my former partner and I share our parenting duties, or will I play a secondary role as parent?
  • How soon can our children be exposed to my former partner’s new boyfriend or girlfriend? What role will he/she play in raising my children?
  • Can my former partner limit or take away my time with the children? Can I do the same to my former partner?
  • What happens if my former partner does not let me see my children? 
  • What happens to my children if my former partner dies? If I die?

Answering any of these questions (or any of the many others that are not listed above) requires seeing a lawyer. Every relationship is different and unique – and so legal advice that may apply in one situation will not always apply in another. 

Getting legal advice early in the process is very important when making decisions about your children. The decisions you make in the days and months after you separate from your partner can affect your future responsibilities and rights, and what kind of relationship you will have with your children and your former spouse moving forward.

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