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If you already have a valid Separation Agreement prepared by a divorce mediator, a lawyer or yourself, the Naked Divorce Filer can handle the conversion divorce. If you have tried to handle the divorce action yourself, but find that you are having difficulty getting the divorce finalized, the Naked Divorce Filer will help you complete the process. If you are contemplating handling your uncontested divorce on your own, I suggest you examine the Naked Divorce Filer fee schedule. When you examine the Naked Divorce Filer fee schedule, I believe that you will find that the Naked Divorce Filer can save you from hours of work, time wasted at the Court Clerk’s office and possible frustration at a relatively modest cost.

An uncontested divorce, for the purposes of the fee schedule outlined in this website, is a divorce only where the spouses either files jointly all necessary documents will be signed by both parties allowing the divorce to be finalized without a Court appearance. The services outlined and information provided in this website are exclusively for persons who meet the requirements of British Columbia Family Law to file an action for divorce or separation in British Columbia Family Courts.