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WARNING: neither of these calculators are substitutes for legal advice. While they are helpful to give you a rough estimate of what you might owe, spousal support and child support are complex calculations that require a great deal of consideration and guidance from a legal professional. If you rely exclusively on these calculators, you are taking an enormous risk. To book an appointment with me, click here.

Operated by Toronto lawyer Omar Ha-Redeye and backed by those who run the popular legal software DivorceMate, this site will provide you with a rudimentary “ball-park” figure of your support obligations. Also features some information about family law and a listing of family law professionals near you.

Child Support Lookup

This is a very handy little tool that calculates how much you will need to pay in child support obligations, assuming one parent has sole custody of all children. Simply enter your province of residence, the number of children, and your income from line 150 of your latest income tax return, and presto – the tool spits out the appropriate child support amount.

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