Business Model of Uncontested Divorce

1. Free Initial Consultation

The first hour of legal advice is free*. There are no obligations, and no commitments. You have nothing to lose.

2. Transparent Billing Structure

If you do choose to hire me after our first meeting, I bill on a strictly hourly basis. At every stage of your case, I will provide you with estimates right up-front as to how much I think you will have to spend on your file. If at any point I think that the cost is going to be more than 10% higher than my estimate, I’ll stop and ask for your approval to continue.

My hourly rate is $300 per hour. That rate will not change for the life of your file.

3. Discounts For Bundled Legal Documents

For those clients that wish to retain me to prepare multiple documents (such as a will and a prenuptial agreement, or a separation agreement and a will), I offer a 15% discount on each document you ‘bundle’ together. So not only do you save in fees, but you benefit from a unified, integrated package of documents that work seamlessly together to protect your interests.

4. Focused Expertise

My focus on the areas of family law allows me to stay up-to-date on all the most recent developments in this area. 

5. Personal Contact

All of my clients have my direct line. So when you want to speak to me, just call me, or send a text message. I’ll be the one picking up the telephone, returning your voicemail, replying to your text message, or answering your e-mail. It’s that simple.

6. Ease of Access

With conveniently located offices in central Richmond, coming to see me couldn’t be easier. 

If you’d like to book an appointment with me during my ordinary office hours, you can do so using the form below. Unless there’s a conflict of interest between you and another one of my existing clients, you are guaranteed an appointment.

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